Al Frescoes Plein Air Painters of Victoria BC

"Cattle Point"
The Paint Out on Friday, August 22, 2008

Location - Cattle Point on Vancouver Island, Canada..

Al Frescoes paint out

Adam in the peaked cap, Deborah Tilby on the bench pensively, Elfrida Schragen, Bob Langford, Pat Fraser with Ken Faulks in the distance..

The Al Frescoes

Jeffrey Boron gets an approving pat on the back from Sig Peterson who wasn't painting today.

Al Frescoes paint out

Ken Faulks, Pat Fraser under her 'naked' umbrella and Sig admiring his fellow artists' work in progress.

Al Frescoes paint out

Show and tell time, sixteen paintings on show, our favourite action of the morning.

The Al Frescoes - 'outsiders' at Cattle Point adjacent to Oak Bay, Victoria BC

Our thanks to Ron Wilson who took the above pictures.

Al Frescoes paint out

Ron Wilson painting at Cattle Point, picture by Delia Sansom..

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