Al Frescoes Plein Air Painters of Victoria BC

"Royal Victoria Yacht Club"
The location for the Paint Out on Friday, August 1st 2008

Peter Crowe is a member of the yacht club and he arranged for over twenty of us to paint here today.
The Al Frescoes at RVYC

Keith Hiscock, Peter Crowe and Deborah Czernecky at set up. Three hours to go...

The Al Frescoes

This is what these artists are facing - a busy scene, so each of us selects
a centre of interest - each artist paints a different aspect and even though we are all at the same location,
each painting is as different as the individual people we all are - no two paintings are ever the same.

The Al Frescoes

At lunch we line up for 'show and tell' with paintings propped up on the bench.

The Al Frescoes

Keith Hiscock takes a smoke break at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club paint out.

The Al Frescoes

The Deborahs Tilby and Czernecky discuss the finer points of painting outside..

The Al Frescoes

With another winner painted en plein air, Clement Kwan leaves for home.

As far as the Al Frescoes painters are concerned we are all non-members - that's what the Al Frescoes is all about -
we are individuals who paint out, that's all. No fees, no rules. No problem.

Our thanks to Ron Wilson who took today's pictures. Google his name to see his weekly painting blog.

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