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"Al Frescoes Plein Air Paint Out, Mount Tolmie
The Al Frescoes
Paint Out on Mount Tolmie in the rain March 23, 2007

Mt Tolmie in the rain
"Delia painting in the rain"

The Al Frescoes were two in number this Friday morning - the overcast light made
for muted conditions but Delia Sansom and Ron Wilson set up under their respective car tailgates and painted in the rain.

Delia's work in the rain
Delia's work in progress, rapidly nearing the finishing touches.

While Delia chose the reflections in the rain-soaked road leading up Mount Tolmie,
a few yards away Ron faced the roadside and decided to try the moss on the glacial-scored rocks:

Mount Tolmie in the rain.

Ron's little six by six inch oil sketch interpreted with knife and brush:

Mount Tolmie in the rain.

"Mount Tolmie Moss"

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