Al Frescoes Plein Air Paint Out, Chinatown

Victoria BC Canada on September 29, 2006

Some of us painted this scene

Our location is in a car park off Fisgard Street, the ancient building itself actually faces onto Government Street.
Locals know about this gem and we think it would be a pity if this old ramshackle building were to be demolished,
it is part of our history and is indeed the oldest chinatown in Canada! Not only that, it makes a fine subject to paint.

The artists present this sunny morning were Peter Crowe, Pat Fraser, Vicki Postl, Delia Sansom and Ron Wilson.

Peter behind his car - a garbage truck stopped next to him.

He kept painting until the garbage containers were cranked loudly into the truck, sending him running!

What a devoted artist - it gave us a good chuckle too...

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We have no formal regulations and individual artists and members of other art clubs are welcome
to paint with us in various locations of Greater Victoria BC on Friday mornings.

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