Al Frescoes - Frank Mitchell

Page update March 30, 2016

Frank self portrait

"Frank self portrait"
acrylic on canvas

In the early 80's, I found drawing and painting were an excellent counterweight to an interesting but stressful work life as an international economist.
I took enough night and summer courses with the Corcoran School of Art (Washington DC) to earn a diploma in painting,
and enjoyed plein air painting with Walt Barman (subsequently founder and Director of the Yellow Barn Art School in Bethesda, Md).

Since retiring back to Canada and the family farm in Metchosin, I've continued my addiction to art and courses,
including learning new things every year at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA), picking up wisdom from fellow members of various sketch groups.

I enjoy painting portraits, plein air landscapes, the occasional "political" piece and landscapes which explore valid alternatives to standard perspective.
Occasionally I have entered shows, sold pictures, and donated pictures for local causes and accumulated a substantial basement collection.


Trees, Oldfield Road

"Trees, Oldfield Road"


Blossoms China Town

"Blossoms China Town"
14 x 14 oil on board


BC day, Elk Lake

"BC day, Elk Lake"
10 x 20 oil on mahoganny


Homage to Jim McFarland

"Homage to Jim McFarland, Cattle Point"
11 x 14 oil on board


No parking

"No Parking"
15 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Irene, Viaducts Flats

"Irene, Viaducts Flats"
10 x 20 Oils


View from Tulista

"View from Tulista"
oil on board


Shoal Point

"Shoal Point"
oil on board


Michell's Farm

"Michell's Farm"
oil on board


Fish, Goldstream

"Fish, Goldstream"
10 x 20 oil on board


Derelict Boats

"Derelict Boats"
11 x 14 oil on board


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