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Artist Pat Fraser

Page update March 29, 2008

Brentwood Bay boat
"Lillian" oils 9 x 12 Unframed price $195.00
Pat Fraser's painting of this old boat in Brentwood Bay is filled with feeling and yearning,
a wonderfully evocative rendering of a difficult subject.

Spring day on Juan de Fuca
"Spring day on Juan de Fuca" oils 9 x 12 unframed

Wintering Fuschias beacon Hill greenhouse 9x12  Oil
"Wintering Fuschias beacon Hill greenhouse " oils 9 x 12 unframed

Goldstream Cedars
"Goldstream Cedars" oils 9 x 12 unframed.

Fort Rodd Boathouse
"Fort Rodd Boathouse" oils 9 x 12 unframed

Trial Island Lighthouse
"Trial Island Lighthouse" oils 9 x 12 unframed

Stonehouse Cabin
"Stonehouse Cabin" oils 9 x 12 unframed

Fort Rodd Summer
"Fort Rodd Summer" oils 9 x 12 unframed

High Oaks Farm

"High Oaks Farm" oils 9 x 12 unframed

Fisgard Lighthouse #4
"Fisgard Lighthouse #4" oils 9 x 12 unframed

Westward from Point no Point
"Westward from Point no Point" oils 8 x 10 unframed

Path to Rithet's Bog
"Path to Rithet's Bog" unframed

Gonzales Bay
"Gonzales Bay" oils 9 x 12 unframed

"Fort Rodd Hill" Brilliant colour and stretched shadows bracket the ramparts of the old fort.

"Viaduct Wetlands field"
Victoria BC. Plein air oil painting with Pat fraser's unique colour sense.

The field at Viaduct Wetlands.

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