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Update March 19, 2012.

Boys and Girls Club September 12, 2008
Saxe Point September 5, 2008
Cattle Point August 22, 2008
Pat Bay Park August 15, 2008
The Royal Victoria Yacht Club August 1, 2008
Mount Douglas June 13, 2008
Work Point April 25, 2008
Goldstream Park January 11, 2008
Viaduct Flats November 23, 2007
Al Frescoes Exhibition September 4 to 30, 2007
Mt.Tolmie in the rain - March 23, 2007.

Chinatown in Victoria - September 29, 2006

History of the Al Frescoes
Our leading artist Delia Sansom writes: "Although Ron Wilson refers to me as the Head Artist or something like that,
it's really only because I instigated the group some fourteen years ago when it was requested from within the FCA.
I was programme coordinator that particular year. I believe I'm the only 'survivor' of that very plein air beginning."
Others who with me soon after are Pat Fraser, Olga Stratholt, Alvina Green, Imke Pearson, Margot Clayton and Bea Davies.

Delia Sansom, leading artist

Delia Sansom, the leading artist of the Al Frescoes

Founding artists

Founding artists Margot, Molly, Bea, Olga, Delia with Imke standing.

The Al Frescoes Plein Air Painters of Victoria grew out Delia's plein air group of the Federation of Canadian Artists (Victoria Chapter).
At one time this plein air group was the Monday Sketch Group until we settled on the Italian term for painting outside - "The Al Frescoes."

Our early history involved founders Delia Sansom and Molly Greene Mitchell who used to
meet in the city and paint places such as Beacon Hill Park, James Bay, the Ledge, Fisherman's Wharf,
you name it, they painted it. Other artists began to join in, enjoying the company,
the outdoors and the no rules or dues environment. We number about eighty artists in Greater Victoria
with occasional ad hoc members from across the Malahat and the international channel.

Molly's friend Jesi Barron remembers:
"Now I met Molly around 1978, we would meet for life drawing at Windsor park."

Jesi Barron (photo: Adam Noonan)

"The group was to form life friendships. There were a few shows. Some shows in Vancouver. We had a great time. Molly had a studio downtown.
I didn't go out with Molly to paint. but we shared what we had been doing. Lots of dinner and drinks. Then one day I was in town and
bumped into her at the Victoria Art Gallery. She was very ill and said there wasn't any time left, I felt very sad. She was only watching tv.
She had lost John. That was about it. She always called me the young one. They were a few years older."

Clement Kwan, Ron Wilson and Keith Hiscock at the Boys and Girls Club September 2008

Clement Kwan, Ron Wilson and Keith Hiscock at the Boys and Girls Club September 2008

We Al Frescoes welcomed the greats such as Hiscock, Kwan, Noonan, Scott, Vine, Boron, Faulks, Tilby, McFarland, McPartlin and more who have come painting with us.

History of locations where the ALFS have painted:

Did you know the history about Beacon Hill Park, Clover Point and Holland Point? Clover Point was once the place for Sikh funerals where piles of six-foot logs from the beach provided funeral pyres and the bodies were gently haid on top. Also at Clover Point, the DND created a firing range. When the city fathers cleared the sand banks they sifted the sand for bullets and sold the lead. You can read a lot more about local history (some people who died of smallpox were buried at Holland Point) by going to this Beacon Hill Park website - and following the links.

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