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John Patrick Howe

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John Howe is returning to his art - once again he is painting. John was born in Montreal. After his father became interested in painting, John began too "I started shortly after he started."
John's main approach is to paint whatever part interests him in the first place (centre of interest) - then he works around that spot,
mostly looking for a flat perspective so that one's eye is kept to the actual surface of the painting and seldom goes to the far distance

John is interested in DESIGN, "I flatten the space" he says. "That's the trend I find in the work of the Impressionists. I don't ALWAYS
flatten but a 3-D painting is so old-fashioned."

Hawaiian Fields #1
"Hawaiian Fields #1"

John Patrick Howe's other countries in which he has painted include Scotland (where his mother was born), Barbados, the Dominican Republic
and France. He prefers a non-regimented scene where CHAOS reigns supreme and he finds that the laid-back cultures are becoming more and more
organized and regular which doesn't suit his choice of subject matter. Yet he finds that painting in the studio helps his plein air work and
the lessons learnt during his outdoor work helps him marshall his thoughts whilst painting works specifically in the studio.

"I figure we are all learners," he says. He admires the paintings of the Welsh artist Frank Brangwyn, also Brian Johnson whose local watercolours
he particularly admires. John has a BA at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario, a MS in Journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism in Columbia,
NY; and an MA in Economics at the University of Toronto. "I worked for the Bureau of Competition Policy for the Federal Government in Ottawa." They set about
injecting competition into the economic endeavours of the country and they performed a measure of de-regulation aimed at benefitting the economy as a whole.

John does sell the original paintings from his Plein Air Collection,
For further information as to how to buy these paintings call (250)920-4885 upon his return
or send an email message to

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