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Metchosin environs -- St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church

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Metchosin area


Tudor House Liquor Store, Esquimalt

Al Frescoes 2018 Show

The Al Frescoes 2018 show will be held at the Coast Collective Gallery from May 16 to May 27
This show is funded by funds given to us by Peter Crowe
Volunteers to arrive at the show on Monday 14th at 9:30
Paintings to be drop off Monday May 14th between 10:00 and 12:00
Paintings to be hung Monday May 14th between 12:00 and 2:00
Opening reception Saturday May 19th between 10:00 and 3:00 ( You can bring some goodies )
Take down of show Sunday 27th between 5:00 and 5:30
The Coast Collective takes a 30% Commission on sales.

What art can be entered into the show? Each artist can enter 2 paintings into the show.
To qualify to enter the show the artist must have painted once with the Al Frescoes during the last year and half.
The paintings being enter must be plein air paintings
but they do not have to be painted with the Al Frescoes.

If you would like to volunteer to;
a. Work at the receiving of paintings or
b. If you would like to help hang the show.

Just email Jim McFarland at


Where do the Alfs paint NEXT WEEK??
Want your name on our locations LIST?
Go to the separate Alfs page and add your email address
to the window called FOLLOW BY EMAIL


Visit these artists who have websites/blogs:

M.D. Sansom

June Haynes

June Haynes' GoBC site

June Haynes' Weebly site

Pat Fraser

Margaret Baxter

John Patrick Howe

Vicki Postl

Jill Slagboom

Deborah Czernecky

Deborah Tilby's Blog

Deborah Tilby's website

Frank Mitchell

Ken Faulks - his website

Jesi Barron

Adam Noonan's website

Iola Scott's website

Elfrida Schragen's blog

Jim McFarland's website

Jeffrey Boron's blog

Linny D. Vine's website

Linny D. Vine's blog

Marie Nagel's website

Hong Zhen Zhu's website

Desiree Bond's website

Sandhu Singh's website

Darlene Young's blog

Sharon Stone's website

Jutta Woodland's webpage

Anne Docherty's website

Susan Elkins' website

Karen Furey's website

Barbara Callow's website

Terri Rodstrom's website

Linda Simrose's website

Susan Baker's website

Edith Looker's website

Jude Woodland's website

Pam Orman's website

Bob Langford's Flickr Site

Marcela Strasdas' website

Irene Khurana - her Blog

Ian de Hoog - website

David Good - website

Jean Oliver - website

Peter Paterson - website

Inge Hoogendoorn - on

Kathleen Trayner's Alizarin Coast Facebook page

Kathleen Schmalz - website

Rod Crutcher's blog

William Watt - website

Sharlene Stushnov-Lee - website

Andrew Bartley - website

Maureen Ness - website

Ron Wilson's blog

For further information send a message to Ron, our website manager

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