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Playfair Park Friday May 7th 2021


Caron Smith was the first artist to send in a painting today.

A beautiful day with a nippy wind! Here's my 7x9" pastel on pastelmat, Ron. Thank youuuuuuu! Caroni


Near King's Pond Oil on Board 18 X 22 inches. Susan Elkins.


Hi Ron, an enjoyable morning of painting in the bluebell wood 8x10 oil on birch wood panel Sally Chupick.


Lazy Ron didn't venture out today but sent in this gouache.


Vicki Postl. Beautiful but surprisingly chilly morning,lots of painters...


Pauline van Blokland - Playfair Park was beautiful today.


Charlotte Haggart.Playfair Park !


A bit cool but beautiful at Playfair Park today. June Haynes.


Hi Ron....great day today... 12x12 Acrylic on canvas Kathleen Trayner


Kevin Price. Had to get my car serviced this morning and missed the Alfs. Pencil crayon sketch 5x8



It was a great day amongst the camas at Playfair Park, with a good turnout of plein air painters.
I am sure the camas will be great next week as well. Here is the painting: Oil on panel, 8" x 16". Regards, David Good.


Beautiful colours, Playfair Park. Donna O'Grady.


Marcela Strasdas - Lots of painters out at Playfair Park today enjoying the camas!


William Watt.


Turned out to be Swan Lake for me, I was late to Playfair and nowhere to park - super busy there. 8x10 oil. But a beautiful day and wonderful to be out painting. Liz Wells.


Katharine Geddes. Great morning and lots of Frescoes out!


Clement Kwan - Playfair Park Friday 7 May 2021 sketch oil on panel 8x16"


Heidi Martins. My picture from playfair park this am.



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