June Haynes

Page update July 1st 2014

June Haynes was the winner of the City of Victoria Summer Banner Design Competition for 2013/2014.

June Haynes new paintings

"Rhodos" sold

"At Goldstream Park"

"Blue and Green Scene" -- SOLD

"Autumn Colours"

June Haynes is one of the first founding members of The Al Frescoes plein air painters of Victoria BC.

"I am a contemporary Vancouver Island artist. Colour is very important to my work which tends to be experimental,
abstract, non-representational,impressionistic, stylized or calligraphic using watercolour, acrylics or mixed media.

My paintings are about light and hope, often have a lighthearted, playful approach with an emphasis on design. My work
is held in private collections in Canada, the United States and Australia. Communicating through art is very enjoyable."

June Haynes also has many expressive abstract works in her studio, contact her for details.

For further information 'phone (250)391 - 8720

or send an email message to jhartiste@gmail.com

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