Al Fresco Artist

Vicki Postl

Page update April 27, 2008

"Rock Garden" Plein air line and wash painting.
Rock Garden

"Winter Tree" Plein air watercolour painting.
Winter Tree

Vicki Postl is a watercolor artist who enjoys painting close-ups of flowers and other natural scenes.
Her floral works explore color, shape and shadows to create highly expressive "flower portraits".
Based in Metchosin, she has recently retired as a children's librarian with the public library, and
is excited to paint "al fresco" (en Plein Air) and in her studio without the constraints of a full-time job.
Eager to work on the repertoire of images collected on a three and-a-half month celebratory journey to
Europe, Vicki quite rightly expects to be very productive in her studio during the rainy season.

Vicki has an excellent "eye" and her work is in private collections in Canada, the US and Europe.

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